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Freedom Finance Germany

Are you looking for an efficient way to invest, but don´t know where to start?

It´s simple – we will train, help and support you. Register and get access to assets from all over the world.

Comprehensive analytical support and consulting of real Investment experts in the real office from one of the Berlins Business Centers.
Choice of over 290 Euro bonds with high security and profitability, which is competitive with the bank rates.
A complete online trading platform with the ability to social-trading for independent trading.

Freedom Finance – an international group of companies on the ideas that earn more than 330 thousand people around the world


Part of the American Freedom Holding Corp. (State of Nevada) with a capitalization of approximately $4 billion* (FRHC, NASDAQ)

*on June 2021

$332.8 M. of equity capital, the holding assets add up to $2.127,3 M., the revenue of more than $320 M. for the 2021 financial year


Internationally audited, you can find the annual reports of Freedom Holding Corp on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission page

We are operating in the investment market for more than 10 years

We offer innovation, comfort, and reliability to our clients


Our Values


We stand for a complete disclosure of all financial and investment information in building customer relationships,


The client´s interests are at the forefront of our decision making, which is why we provide the best market recommendations to our customers.


We maintain impeccable transparency, integrity, and professionalism in our ambition to become the most reliable partner for our customers in the financial markets.

Our principles

Highly informativeness

Only relevant information that allows you to invest in the most successful companies around the world and therefore generate a high and stable income.


Among all existing investment opportunities, we provide detailed recommendations on how to achieve the best results.

Customer Focus

We help everyone to get a global view of the financial market, generate ideas and provide comprehensive analytical support.


Pricing and rates

  • Smart

    Exchange-traded Stocks, ETFs

    United States & Asia /Europe:
    USD 2/EUR 2 minimum per order +
    USD 0,02/EUR 0,02 per share
    Russia, Ukraine:
    0,08% of trade value EUR 0,2 minimum per trade
    FORTS activation EUR 20
    FORTS 5 RUB per 1 contract
    Margin Rates 12% per year
    Stock Market withdrawals USD 15/EUR 15
    SMS Delivery EUR 0,05
    TRADERNET Free of Charge
    EUR 0 per month

    Exchange-traded Stocks, ETFs

    United States & Asia /Europe:
    USD 1,2/EUR 1,2 minimum per order +
    USD 0,012/EUR 0,012 per share
    Russia, Ukraine:
    0,04% of trade value EUR 0,2 minimum per trade
    FORTS activation EUR 20
    FORTS 5 RUB per 1 contract
    Margin Rates 12% per year
    Stock Market withdrawals USD 15/EUR 15
    SMS Delivery EUR 0,03
    TRADERNET Free of Charge
    EUR 10 per month

    Exchange-traded Stocks, ETFs

    United States & Asia /Europe:
    USD 1,2/EUR 1,2 minimum per order +
    USD 0,008/EUR 0,008 per share
    Russia, Ukraine:
    0,03% of trade value EUR 0,2 minimum per trade
    FORTS activation EUR 20
    FORTS 5 RUB per 1 contract
    Margin Rates 12% per year
    Stock Market withdrawals USD 15/EUR 15
    SMS Delivery Free of Charge
    TRADERNET Free of Charge
    Trading System DAS Free of Charge
    EUR 200 per month
  • OTC-traded stocks, bonds, ETFs*

    Brokerage commission, per trade 0.12%

    Clearing fee per trade - 30 USD

    Safekeeping free of charge

    Non-trading orders

    Free of payment (FOP) receipt/delivery of securities – 0/60 USD

    *Other service fees to be set up individually

  • Documents

    General Terms of Business (German) (view PDF)

    More information about documents and rates you can find here

Freedom Finance Germany TT GmbH
GlobalBank Finance
afme Finance for Europe
*Freedom Finance Europe is an active member of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

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Investing in stocks is profitable, but only through multiple markets you are able to diversify your capital effectively

US Stock Market: Opportunities and current Investment ideas for 2019

Access to innovative companies: The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is well known to German investors, however, exploiting the potential of the US market opens up far greater opportunities to work with innovative areas and new businesses.
Global approach: Learn how to find the best opportunities on the European, American and Asian markets and take advantage of them. Do not limit your possibilities by accessing the right exchange when you need it.
Experience of foreign issuers: Explore new opportunities in stock analysis while mastering the US market. We will also introduce you to appropriate techniques and instruments which will be extremely useful in Germany's local market.

The US market is transparent and represents an optimal addition to your German portfolio

Less risks due to portfolio diversification

The American stock market is under constant attention of regulatory authorities. It contains more than 5000 companies, which makes it to one of the world´s largest stock markets. Clear rules and their compliance as well as market size makes it the most interesting place to invest.

No strong dependence of US policy

Companies in the USA, have only a very small dependency since they operate in many countries and entirely oriented to the world market, which motivates them to find opportunities under difficult situations, duties, high taxes or other import and export restrictions.

High Trading Volume

Daily trading volume exceeds $50 billion. A strict regulatory system increases the transparency and reliability of any transaction.

Suitable Time

Trading session on the American exchanges opens at 14:30 and closes at 21:30 CET. Working with your personal portfolio requires no change in your personal daily routine. The technological availability of Freedom Finance allows you to control the situation at any time, whether during your working hours, studies or your daily tasks.

Freedom24 for iOS and Android

Investing in securities is a way to maintain and increase the value of capital. increase. Freedom Finance an online Broker for securities trading over the Internet. Trade securities conveniently from home.

With the Freedom24 App, you can:

  • Open an account with Freedom Finance Europe
  • View data on securities in real-time (demo account allows you to view real data with a delay)
  • Invest with both demo and real user accounts of the Freedom24 terminal
  • Create trade orders for the purchase and sale of securities
  • View history of orders, status of orders, trades executed on the order
  • Track the status of your current portfolio
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Our Experts

Bolatbek Maldybayev

Executive Director

+49 (174) 422 57 40

Markus Felske

Senior Investment Consultant

+49 (179) 844 44 11

Elena Zelenov

Investment Consultant

+49 (157) 8511 21 57

Alexey Varivoda

Business Development Director

+49 (179) 550 05 04

Peter Konopka

Investment Consultant

+49 (179) 240 95 07

Olena Petrykovska


+49 (176) 7383 67 00

Most popular Questions:

  • Who should I contact If I have any questions about my account, trading system failures, etc.?

    If you have a non-urgent question of any kind, you can post it in your Customer Center in your activated account on You can also contact your customer manager in Berlin at any time by phone at +49 30 863 21 84 0 or by email at, providing your name, a phone number, your customer number and a further description of your question.

    You can also contact our investment company directly by phone or email at any time using the following contact details: +357 25-25-7785 ext 413

  • How and where are my assets stored?

    They are deposited on special accounts of the DEPO investment Company which are either open or deposited in the trading system of the stock exchange where any shares are traded or deposited with large banks where corresponding obligations are bought. Customers deposits are held in banks. (In the case of cooperation with Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. these are banks, either US American Banks or reliable German Banks).

  • Where and how can I check that the stock I own is mine?

    The customer can always request a statement from his DEPO account, where any information about his account and the related assets is listed. The request can be made in the Customer Center, by Email or as an original and stamped copy delivered directly to the customer.

  • Will I lose my shares if my broker shut down his business?

    This happens very rarely, but history knows a few examples where investment companies became insolvent. In this case, the customer deposits do not disappear, because they are assets that are always stored on the customer accounts at DEPO, these assets are separate from the assets of the investment company. In case of problems with the license of the investment company, the company must hand over all client assets to the client by using its own funds if necessary, which is in accordance with international law.

  • How are my investments insured?

    Investments on the stock exchange are always associated with risks. No one can guarantee any income from such investments. Shares, bonds and other investments can rise or fall in price. They can also give you income in the form of dividend as well as coupons income (interest on bonds), but a guarantee or insurance that they do not fall, there can not be. According to the current legal regulations, your client account is insured against the insolvency of your broker in the amount of 20000 euros.

  • How quickly can I make withdrawals and deposits?

    As soon as you have requested the withdrawal of your credit balance, it usually takes 1 to 2 working days for the payment to your desired bank account (within the European Union).

  • What can I do if I urgently want to buy or sell shares I bought before?

    To process such a transaction, you must log in to the Freedom24 trading system (website: You must activate your account in advance by sending an SMS message. Then select the investment you would like to trade. You also contact us by email using your authorized email address, including your customer id, name and phone number for contact purposes, as well as any necessary information about the transaction you would like to process. Name of the shares, amount, price and type of transaction purchase/sale.

  • How far do I have to cooperate with the tax authorities regarding the broker account?

    Probably all citizens who receive corresponding income will have to pay taxes on it. In case of cooperation with Freedom Finance Europe Ltd., we do not act as your tax agent if you are not a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus. In this case, you are responsible for reporting any income to the tax authorities and paying any taxes. For this purpose, you will have to request a complete statement of all positions from us for the annual financial report. This statement shows the income, which can be positive or negative. Afterwards, you have to declare this income in your tax return according to your place of residence.

  • Is it possible to give a share package to a friend?

    Is it possible to give a share package to a friend? You can use your shares in the same way as any other goods you own. You can keep them in your account, you can also Deposit them as collateral for a Bank loan. You can also give your shares away to your friends or relatives or even transfer them to third parties on the base of trades outside the stock markets. It is also possible to transfer the shares as a heritage.

You will always find answers to any question about stock markets on our website FAQ

You open an account with Freedom Finance Europe with a positive rating from S&P Global Ratings


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Recht, nicht einer ausschließlich auf einer automatisierten Verarbeitung — einschließlich Profiling — beruhenden Entscheidung unterworfen zu werden (Artikel 22 DSGVO) Wenn Sie glauben, dass die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten gegen das Datenschutzrecht verstößt oder Ihre datenschutzrechtlichen Ansprüche sonst in einer Weise verletzt worden sind, können Sie sich an die Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI) wenden.

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